Santa baby, hurry down the chimney to me.

Wow. I can’t believe that this is the second last blog of the year! Well, we’re taking next week off as it’s Christmas Eve, lol… And I do my big Christmas dinner on the 24th so…I’m thinking I’ll be elbow deep in turkey or scrambling to wrap the last of the presents. One year, I’m going to be done early. Hell, one year, I’m going to pack the kids up and we’re just going to drive somewhere and celebrate that way. No big ‘ta-do’ here. Just peace and quiet far away from the norm. Oh…maybe we should head out this year…so tempting.

Anyway, this almost last post is all about… my Grownup Christmas List.

Now maybe it is getting older, but the appeal of Christmas has started to wane for me. Not because I don’t love it. I still love staring at the tree with its twinkling lights and pretty ornaments. And I love the people still do tend to be nicer to each other during the holidays. It’s a glimmer of hope that humanity isn’t quite lost. That we might unite, yet, before the zombies come (and they are coming people. Believe.) I think what’s spoiling it for me is the commercialism of it. The ‘pressure’ to buy the ultimate gift.

Okay, yeah, I’m starting to sound like a corny Christmas special. But…it’s also true. Christmas has gone from a time of wonder to the worst debt-sucking holiday out there. And I’m tired of spending too much because let’s face it…everything is just so damn expensive. And when you have teenagers…nothing is twenty bucks anymore.

So… my ultimate Christmas wish would be to do what I stated above. I’d love to have the money to just pack up the kids and drive or fly somewhere secluded. Spend a week on the beach or in the mountains, skiing. Spend the evenings watching all those corny shows or playing cards and games with the kids. Simply enjoying the season rather than whether I got them exactly what they wanted. That’s what I want for Christmas.

However, not sure it’ll happen this year. The boys always have hockey tournaments, reffing to do. Then there’s family that expects you to be there, not that I’m knocking it. But I do dream of a year with just me and the teenagers in tow. Hawaii would do nicely. Or Mexico. Hell, I’d take Vegas or Reno. A cabin up in the mountains.

Okay…guess this post didn’t go quite as planned, lol. I almost seems as if I’m harbouring issues, folks. Shocking, I know. Now if I had to settle for material things, I’d love a new laptop…the new Mac Air would be fine, Santa. Or a new I can continue with all those distractions from last week. A magically new kitchen would be welcomed, too. Just saying. And, if you really feel you MUST INDULGE ME, a sexy, single guy sitting under the tree…yeah, that’d be nice. I’m kind of done with the whole being single thing. Thinking I could go for some quality guy time.

So that’s it for me….check out the other ladies and see what’s on their lists this year. Maybe they want peace on earth…obviously, I’m a bit more selfish 🙂 OH and Jess, you still owe me a US Marshal. Just saying. Christmas time would be a great opportunity to pay up 🙂

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