So I blame Jessica Jarman for collateral damage

It’s true. I blame my amazing gal pal for infecting me with what we now know is the “series bug”. That’s right. It’s been confirmed that Jessica Jarman is patient zero. She is the queen of having an amazing story then creating secondary characters that beg for their own book. No, not beg… demand and rightly so. She writes incredibly emotional, three-demensional characters that won’t rest until they have their story—and I’ve caught that bug.

When I started writing Force of Nature, there was no thought of a series. I have them, but I usually clue in pretty quickly. If it’s not something that’s already in the works, it’s generally there before you finish. But as this was supposed to be part of a set, I pushed those thoughts away.

Until Jonah and Gibson wouldn’t leave me alone. Those two…it’s like nonstop chatter in my head. So, I took the only recourse I had—I made Force of Nature book 1 in a series, now entitled, COLLATERAL DAMAGE.

Thankfully, as I made the cover, it was nothing to update it and add in a bit to the interior. And it’ll all still be out on the 6th. I’ll also have it available in print! The proof looks amazing. I’m so happy with this book. And so excited about writing Jonah’s  story that I might have already made a cover, lol. It’ll also be my first strictly MM novel. I’ve incorporated MM storylines in a few books — Centerfold, Forgotten, Reckoning — but never tried a full-fledged one. But I think that perhaps it’s time.

So stay tuned. I hope to have book two in this series out late summer early fall.

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