Top 10 ~ Road Trip Essentials

I know…you’re shocked. I’m actually here. Now, in my defense, renovations are a bitch. Worth it, but I’ve been sucked down the rabbit hole, and it’s harder than hell to get out. Thankfully, I got a week away at our annual writer’s retreat—despite the less-than-stellar trip to Minnesota, and the fact we were caught in a disaster zone when a series of thunderstorms destroyed a number of roads nearby—and I’m now enjoying another renovation-free week at Jessica Jarman’s house. Her family is thrilled—thrilled, I tell you, to have me visiting.

Which brings about this week’s post…and having just been on a road trip, I’m ready. So, here goes…in no particular order because… well, I need all the things.

  • Music… This is no surprise. No one wants to ride in an awkward silence or feel they have to interact with their passengers. This is NOT an issue for me and Jess, but… kids. Yeah, sometimes music saves the day.
  • Diet Coke… Or tea. Though, it’s usually Diet Coke on a road trip. EVERYONE NEEDS A VICE PEOPLE.
  • Munchies… I hate to admit it but… for some reason eating grapes or a salad isn’t the same when you’ve got a thousand KMs to travel. Nacho chips. M&Ms. I’m not too picky. On the road trip to Montana to run my race, we ate a ton of apple slices and peanut butter. (No one eats just 1 tablespoon of that stuff. No one.)
  • Charging cable… God, do you remember map reading? Yeah, I do, too, and it wasn’t fun. When you realized the map you had stopped shy of where you were headed. Or that it was so old it didn’t show half the roads. Well, thanks to maps (either Google or Apple) we now get turn-by-turn directions. Until your battery goes dead, so… multiple charging cables are in order, along with a good adaptor if the car doesn’t have one.
  • A car that won’t die halfway there… This is self explanatory. I’ve had it happen. It’s not fun. A good roadside assistance can help with this if your vehicle is questionable, lol.
  • A roam plan for your phone… Espeically if you’re crossing into another country. Because roaming charges are insane. Even the daily fee adds up when it’s multiple phones. But better than before.
  • Comfortable clothes, and socks… The first is a no-brainer. But, my feet get cold, folks. And I curse whenever I’m traveling somewhere and forgot to pack socks where I can reach them. I like to take off my shoes and just have socks (unless I’m driving.) And let’s not forget comfortable shoes…
  • Money… in case, though highly unlikely, your bag doesn’t make it. For days!!!!! So, always plan to spend twice as much as you budget. And have to find room to take it all home. (No, I’m not bitter.)
  • A backup plan… obviously at this point, I’m scrambling. Who knew I didn’t need more than 5 or 6 things, really, for a road trip. But… this isn’t a bad one. If something happens, if there’s say, A NATURAL DISTATER… having alternate arrangements (like is this cabin rented next week?) is wise, and might save a ton of headaches.
  • Sunglasses… I’m stealing this from Jess (I’m at her house. I’m allowed.) But yeah, a must have because occasionally I like to see the road.

And that’s it for me. Please hop on over to the other ladies and see what they have…

Bronwyn  ~  Jessica


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