It’s Wednesday and time for a new topic. Every so often we will be doing a post called NOSTALGIC NOTES, each one themed at something different. This month it’s looking at SONGS. And who doesn’t have those special songs to mark memories? Some good, some crappy, but I know for me, songs stick in my head.

Now, I could honestly list like a thousand freaking songs. I’m very much the music person and I tend to put songs to a lot of my memories. Even if it’s just in my head. But I’ll try to keep this to select events. I said try, people.

Okay, in no particular order, because I’m sure I’ll pop back and forth along the timeline.

No Reply At All, by Genesis.

And pretty much a lot of Genesis’ work. It was really the first band I started listening to, beyond what my parents had. And… it was because the ‘cute’ boy at school loved the band. I, obviously wanted to relate, so started listening to them. I’m proud to say I fell in love with the band for all the right reasons, and didn’t give a flying fuck about said cute boy.

Paradise By The Dashboard Lights, by Meatloaf

I honestly don’t think any explanation is needed for this song. It’s about sex. And I was young.

Hotel California, by The Eagles.

With the passing of Glenn Fry, it needs to be noted that this song started my love affair of the Eagles and pretty much Don Henley and Glenn Fry. I was away from home for the first time at a Horse camp. And this song played everyday. I remember listening to it to help not be homesick.

Stairway to Heaven, by Led Zeppelin

God, they played this freaking song at EVERY school dance. And you were either thrilled or horrified depending on who asked you to dance because… it lasts forever. And ever. And ever.

I Want a New Drug, by Huey Lewis

Huey Lewis was the first band I saw in concert, with, arguably my first, real boyfriend. So…

Just The Way You Are, by Billy Joel

While my marriage didn’t last, my love of all things Billy has. And this was the song on that day. I still love this song…and I guess the memory is bitter-sweet.

Isn’t She Lovely, by Stevie Wonder

The birth song. Period. I still love this one.

Rockstar, by Nickelback,

You knew they’d be in here. And this was the song that started my love of this band. Still love pretty much everything they do. I know… you won’t shatter my devotion, no matter how much you trash them or tease me.

Thinking Out Loud, by Ed Sheeran,

This was Sydney’s song choice to one of her very first solo aerial routines. Okay, the first was Sail, but, this one was special. It made me love Ed Sheeran, but it’s what started her down this path…one she might just take all the way. Now, I have a link to her routine, but in preview mode it was horribly slow. It’s too long to upload directly so… you might be able to click and let it load, lol.

Syd’s Aerial Routine

Take the Money and Run, by the Steve Miller Band

Amazing trip through Alberta and BC before I moved out west. Iconic, really.

Horse With No Name, by America

This was Kyle’s ‘lullaby’ when he was wee.

Carry On Wayward Son, by Kansas

This is Kyle’s song, now. For so many reasons.

Part of Your World, by Jodi Benson from The Little Mermaid

This was Syd’s go to lullaby, along with Return to Pooh Corner, by Kenny Loggins. I can honestly say I began to hate that damn mermaid.

I See Fire, by Ed Sheehan,

This one is Syd’s song now. And yes, my kids have a song, lol.

Sweet Baby James, by James Taylor,

This was Jared’s song. And I sang this mother every damn night for forever. I’m sure James Taylor died a bit each time I did.

Jared doesn’t have a song now, but he has the ‘fuck’ skit from South Park.. again, for so very many reasons. So many, many reasons. You can watch it below if you like…warning… the word ‘fuck’ might come up. A few times.

Finally, Tennessee Line, by Daughtry.

Not sure why, but this is my mom’s song. I played it over and over during her last few days. Thinking she must be somewhere still singing it. Miss you tons…

And I’ll stop there. There are tons more songs that mean stuff to me. That I love. But… this post has to stop somewhere. Now head over to the other ladies and see what’s playing.

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  1. Nickelback!!! YAY! I always think of you when I hear them. “How you remind me” was my intro to them. First college boyfriend, Graham made me listen to the awesome that is Nickelback. He was from Scotland (had only been in the States six months when we started dating). Oh, the memories….

  2. I love this post. And I’m so sad now that you were not there for the very long Genesis conversation on the last retreat. LOL I can’t even remember how it began or what happened but it was pretty epic. I’m sure Jen could rehash it for you. 🙂

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