My Summer Highlights

OMG… how it is nearly September? Where did the summer go? It’s mostly a huge blur for me, and the reason is one of my summer highlights. Summer is a love/hate relationship for me. I love the long nights, the sunshine and no school. But I really don’t like the heat, the bugs… did I mention the heat?

But this was a pretty great summer, so far. guess there’s still a month left. And this will be my first year without “back to school” waiting in the wings. My youngest graduated in June. And while she will be going to Uni, it’s different. No more driving her to school. Picking her up. No after-school events. I’m sad and happy at the same time.

Anyway…here are some of the summer highlights…

Syd's Grad

road trip

Impromptu Road Trip to California

Shark tank at Six Flags just outside San Francisco.

Golden Gate Bridge and Lombard Street.

Our Destination. Newberry Springs and our newest member of the family. RIGS… 

My last kid to get their Driver’s Licence… 

Bandit showing Rigs the ropes…

The upgraded pool… We spare no expense 😀

And finally,, I just released Delta Force: Six! Book 3 in my Wayward Souls series. So excited to have this one out there. Six has been a fave character of mine since I first introduced him in Cannon’s book. And he’s still a fave. I quite love the man. 

His sixth sense never saw her coming…

Knowing when things are about to go sideways has been Casey “Six” O’Reilly’s saving grace for as long as he can remember. It saw him through a decade with Delta Force, and it’s still keeping him one step ahead of his targets as a recovery agent with Wayward Souls.

So, why his gift has decided to take a siesta with respect to his new partner—Kameron Monroe, ex-Military Intelligence officer and current pain in his ass—is a mystery. It’s bad enough the feisty blonde is headstrong and impulsive—his polar opposite. Being secretly attracted to her is torture. Seven months together, and he’s still stuck in the friend zone. Waiting. Watching. Planning the perfect time to make his move…

Until armed men beat him to the punch.

A heart-pounding chase and one hell of a Hail Mary escape plan keep them in one piece, but the threat is far from over. And if he wants a future with Kam—a chance to charm her into his bed for more than just a one-night stand—he’ll need all his skills to pull it off.

Six doesn’t know what the men want, where they’ll strike next, or how many will come gunning for Kam. But it doesn’t matter. With the help of his team, he’ll eliminate the threat, or die trying. Because sixth sense or not, Kam’s his new mission. And he doesn’t fail those.

That’s it for me. Quite the summer and I still have to see Syd off to Uni at the end of the month.  GASP!

Only one other brave soul joining in this week…

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  1. Wonderful pics. You have a beautiful daughter. They grow up soooooooooo fast. Road trip with friends – the alt! So lucky to have those memories. Brigs. He’s a sweetie. And Six! Review is posted. I loved it.

    BTW, just in case you didn’t know, Pansy is my pen. I am on facebook, as Becky Parsons. 😀 I will be bragging for days. Weeks. Forever! Thank you! You are awesome!

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