The Perfect Lazy Day

Now, I know this is going to come as a shocking surprise to all, but I’m not much of a Lazy Day person. I know!!!! Honestly, I feel way better if I do at least an hour of something challengingly active. Running, kick boxing, hiking… I don’t care. For me, it makes the lounging around later that much sweeter…  but we all need rest days so..

My Perfect Lazy Day.

I’m a night owl, so, it would start with NO alarm. My god, I love waking up naturally. Now, I might not really sleep that much later but… definitely a bit of bed lounging would be nice. (If I had a significant other, nasty lovely things would be happening next.)

Tea. I need tea. An extra large Tim Horton’s steeped tea would be waiting for me… hopefully with a yogurt and berries.

I’d get comfy in my favorite chair and read for a while, because I love reading. And it’s something I don’t always make time for. But on this day, hell yeah.

Now, it’s a perfect day, that means perfect weather. So, I’d step outside and take the dog for a long walk. Nothing fills my inner peace jar like some quality time in the woods. No bugs. No sounds of technology. Just me, Bandit and nature. If I was really lucky, some time spent on the water would coincide with this. Kayaking along a lake or in the ocean… yeah, that’s perfect.

Having found inner peace (let me dream) I think I’d love to have a massage. All those knots and aches…oh yeah. Gone.

No perfect day would be complete without a bout of Netflix binging. Maybe it’s Supernatural. Maybe it’s the new season go RWBY. Or, maybe I’ll make a dent in all the episodes of Fairy Tale I haven’t gotten to, yet. But kicking back with one or more of the teenagers..(it’ll be Jared. It’s always Jared) is a great way to relax.

Someone else would make dinner (This never happens, but this is my dream, people. Don’t crush it.)

Thinking to end it off, a round of cards or some kind of game with the kids. We don’t play near enough, but it’s a laugh fest when we do.

I might spend the last couple of hours in bed, writing.

Now, if I had a partner… well, let’s just say there would be other items added in, but… since it’s easier to stroll across the plains of Mordor undetected than successfully date or find the special guy so…


And that’s pretty much it. I don’t have grandiose plans. I wonder what the other ladies have for their perfect day?

Bronwyn  ~  Jessica  ~  Jessica DLR

Gwendolyn  ~  Torrance

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