A, you’re adorable…

Welcome to Wednesday randomness…and it’s March! How did it suddenly become March? Sigh. That’s what happens when you get busy, people. Freaking life just keeps on going. I always feel as if I’m running to catch up. Oh, is it summer vacation yet? Seriously, for whatever reason, we’re all just done early this year. I wanted hockey over sooner, now we’re patiently waiting for spring break, because ours is sooooooo late.

But I digress…This week’s post is different. It’s an A to Z of inspiration. Now, I’m not a hundred percent sure I know exactly what this entails, but…it seems to be anything that inspires me. So…here goes.

A — action/adventure.   Mostly, I love to write these kinds of scenes if not entire books. Like they say, if you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much space. And I try to do a lot of what I write. Rock climbing, mountaineering. I can fly helicopters. Worked for 911…etc, so…

B — Badass. It’s a word. And I like my heroines to be a version of it. And it’s not necessarily physically. Intelligence is one hell of a turn-on.

C — Cover Art. Because nothing makes you want to write a book more than a beautiful cover. And sometimes if I’m making a cover for me, it helps me visualize the characters and the book even more.

D — Dog. I know, but…if it weren’t for Bandit, I might not run every day, and if I didn’t run every day I wouldn’t solve as many plot issues or have ideas for cover art near as often.

E — Exercise. Seriously, nothing frees up the brain more than working the body. Blood flow isn’t just to the heart, folks.

F — Fantasy. In movies or books. Or just in your head. I love this genre and find it so motivating. Sometimes watching a great show brings new ideas. How inspiring is watching epic films like Hobbit or Lord of the Rings.

G — Google. Because I would be lost without the prowess of the Internet. This video right here.. and there are three of these, folks…

H — Happily ever after. Mostly because we all need to believe in a happy ending. That sacrifice and suffering is worth it in the end. That even if you don’t currently have that in place, that it’s still possible. Even if it’s like a rainbow—mostly illusion—it gives us peace. A goal.

I — Imagination. Or there’d be no stories.

J — Journey. ( And no, Bron, not the musical group, though I love me some Steve Perry.) It’s like the saying for mountaineers…somewhere between the base and the summit is why you climb. It’s all about the journey.

K — (Stephen) King. For writing books that inspired me to try my own. He will always be my favourite of all authors.

L — Lyrics. Because they are stories woven to music and a giver of ideas.

M — Music. I often listen to music and it amazes me how songwriters can capture so much in so few lines. I know some of my buddies hate Rascal Flats, but damn. They have such a talent for painting a picture from a few words and nothing more

N — Novel. ( I wanted to put Nickelback here, but Paige already did, so… yeah, had to downshift into something else.)

O — Ocean. I live on an island… a couple of blocks up from the ocean. Hell, I can see it out my window… There’s just something about waves, water…the tides. Watching eagles catch fish, whales breech. It’s alluring, soothing and oh so deadly.

P — Pandora’s Box. We should all open one… just cause.

Q — Quarrel. Because as one of my fave writers has as her tagline…sometimes a fist fight is foreplay. How true is this… (shoutout to BA Tortuga, here)

R — Running. I call this my attitude adjustment. And I get some of my best plots figured out on a run.

S — Shifter. Because who doesn’t find a man who can change form motivational. And I love the challenge of writing these.

T — Thriller. Still my favourite of all the genres. And a great album by Michael Jackson. Shh, it really was. You know it. And one of the best music videos EVER.

U — Uniform. While a lot of my heroes don’t where actual uniforms, I still consider them men or women in uniform because they’ve dedicated their lives to protecting others. And they are so deserving of being a muse.

V — Vista. Hey… bet you thought I couldn’t think of a V word. And they are breathtaking out here on the west coast.

W — Woods. The only place to run and the best place to find peace and inspiration.

X — XC (cross country) I stole this from Bronwyn. But it fits. Most of my soul sisters live far away. And I wouldn’t finish half of my books without their support and wisdom. Hell, they were the ones who gave me the spark for FORCE OF NATURE, just in idle chatting. I love you guys.

Y — Yonder. Hey, it’s Y people. And I often go, yonder, to write. To find ideas. Work with me on this one. IT’S Y!!!!


Wow… why was that so hard? Anyway, check out all the other ladies…including our new partner in crime, Paige Prince. Welcome honey!

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11 Replies to “A, you’re adorable…”

  1. Oh my gosh I enjoyed this post so much. You had me laughing so many times! From Journey to Novel. Awesome job!

  2. Any way you want it, that’s the way you need it!
    Cause this is Thriller, Thriiiilllller!
    Apparently you make me want to sing today, Norris.
    Fantastic list!

  3. Your list is brilliant and made me giggle. Although, now I have a horrible Michael Jackson/Journey medley going through my head, thanks to you and Kayleigh. o.O You people are lucky I love you.

  4. Journey/Thriller and the Ocean all in one list!! Amazing! I am soooo jealous that you live that close to water. I wish I did and this is why I keep a fountain running constantly. 🙂 And, you could have put Nickelback for N, we understand. *whispering* I have a number of their albums on my MP3 player and like them a lot.

  5. Nickelbaaaaaaack! You totally could’ve used it too! I wouldn’t have minded a bit. 🙂

    I wish I could be as dedicated a runner as you are. As much as I love to run, my body is too unhappy with me to do it on a regular basis. Hoping that I can get all fixed up, because I really miss running. You’re right – it clears the mind and exercise makes you feel so revitalized!

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