Flash Fiction ~ July

Happy Canada Day! Okay it’s one day late, but it’s super close, and I wanted to give a shout out to any fellow Canadians out there. Also, I’m traveling today. Finally headed home after a great vacation. First, a week up in Michigan with Jenny Trout, Bronwyn Green and Jessica Jarman. Then, I invaded Jess’ house for another week—her family adores me. (That’s what I keep telling them.) And we made multiple trips to the US version of Tim Horton’s. Much better than last year. Still a ways to go to catch up to my homeland store, but… it was appreciated.

So, I haven’t done a flash fiction in a while. I’m on a super tight deadline and trying to get my brain to create anything else… yeah, it’s like trying to convert me to coffee. However, I made myself focus and have a short bit below… so, without any more rambling…


I’m weak.

That voice. Dark. Scratchy. Like rusty nails on metal. It grated on him. Hammered inside his head. Beat on him until it was hard to focus. To remember why he’d walked down to the beach.

Peter lifted his face to the wind. To the spray of the water. The call of gulls overhead. The briny scent of the ocean filled his senses. Sparked a memory hovering at the edge of his consciousness. How long had it been since he’d returned to this place? This land? Since he’d found someone new to play with?

You’ll never grow old, Peter. Not as long as you obey me.

Why did that mean so much to him? Staying young? Hadn’t he decided to follow…someone? Someone special. To finally grow up? What was her name?

No. It’s time to find a new playmate.

Peter closed his eyes. That voice, again. Louder than before. It filled his mind—took him to his knees. There was no escaping it. No way to shut it out. It echoed until the sky turned dark—until the first twinkling stars poked through the night. He managed to stand, glancing at his shadow. It wavered beside him, slowly rising until it flew off, leaving a trail of golden dust glittering in the air.

A new playmate. That’s what he needed. A friend. Another lost soul who needed to find the path. The path to never-ending childhood. And once they started playing, they’d never come back. Never grow old. Never leave alive.


And that’s it for me. I told you, super short. But hop on over to the other ladies and see what they have going.

Bronwyn  ~  Siobhan



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