Flash Fiction ~ Ruins

It’s time for another photo fiction, and I made it this week. Below is the picture and the resulting story. It’s a bit of an insight into my current WIP… not sure if this bit will make it in. But it’s all that popped into my head.

Post apocalyptic scene with city street

“Are you sure we’re in the right place, buddy?”

Cannon grunted a reply, scanning the street. A light fog crept in off the sea wall, highlighting the crumpling buildings and charred brick. The place looked more like a set from The Walking Dead than a section of the wharf. “Industrial fire took out a city block six months ago. It’s scheduled for demolition. Some shipping company bought the whole thing.”

His partner snorted. “Must have been one hell of an explosion.”

“Took four days to put out, from what I’ve heard.” He glanced at Brogan. “This feels—”

“Wrong? Yeah. Who would use this route to transport a prisoner?”

“No one. Which is why we’re here. Something’s off.”

Brogan shouldered up beside him. “And you’re certain her GPS pinged here?”

“Jericho’s smart. She doesn’t break protocol, and she doesn’t make stupid mistakes. If she broke ranks and shared her location. She did it for a reason. None of which are good.”

“Do you smell that?”

Cannon snorted. “The stench of brine or piss?”

“Smoke. Wind’s blowing the wrong way, but…it’s there.”

Cannon inhaled, and fuck if Brogan wasn’t right. “Can you tell what direction it’s coming from?”

“Must be close to the pier to mask it this well. It’s probably blending in with fog. It’s thicker over the water.” Brogan pointed at a broken down warehouse off to their left. “I’d guess somewhere in there.” He grabbed Cannon’s wrist when he took a step. “You sure this isn’t a set-up? You’ve made a lot of enemies over the years.”

“She’s not dirty.”


“I know how to read betrayal, and she’s clean.”

“Then this was her calling for backup. And you know how much I hate letting a lady down. I’ll go right. Hit the front. You go around back. We’ll find her.”

Damn straight they would. And if there was so much as a scratch on her, he’d make catching the bastards his sole vocation.


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  1. That was just RUDE! I need to know what’s happening…like, NOW, Norris!

    Can’t wait to see this story, seriously. I am halfway in love with Cannon, as is.

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