I need to go back in time…

Another week and another Wednesday Random post. I was sort of hoping for one of those picture only ones, lol. Though when do I only ever post images? Never. I know. Hey, at least I’m not shy…

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So this week it’s a subject I could probably waste more than a few pages on, because it’s one of my biggest time drains. I SPEND TOO MUCH TIME ON…

I know. Trust me, I know. The list is probably as long as Santa’s…just not sure if it’s the naughty or nice one:) So I’ll have to restrict it. At least we all know that things like cooking, cleaning, organizing… won’t be on the list. And neither will exercising, because that’s always a great use of my time, and always the right amount, lol. The only question is will the limited version be numerical or alphabetical?

1— The Internet. No. One. Is. Surprised. And I don’t mean doing work or research. I mean just looking random shit up. Reviews for items I might want to buy. What the weather’s like in Ireland this time of year. Looking up names for characters because I can never make up my mind.

2—Social Media. I’m not hugely addicted, but yeah, I often scroll through FaceBook or Tumblr when I should be writing. Editing. It’s a time drain. You jump in then three random IQ tests later, you’re down an hour.

3—Binge watching Netflix or another streaming program. And I can watch quite a bit when I’m in the mood. Teenagers don’t help. More often than not one of my kids (insert Jared’s name here 🙂 will put on a show, like the Flash, or a movie. And even if I’ve seen it more than once, I get sucked in. And it’s so shiny, so pretty…I just can’t look away. Sometimes I’ll plan work items I think I can multitask on for while I’m watching, but let’s face it. I could do lots of other things other than this.

4—Being a taxi driver. While this area has improved a bit since Kyle got his driver’s licence. And because he’s a great kid who’s usually willing to be my driving minion. I still spend way too much time driving teenagers around. School, hockey, aerial arts, friends’ houses. Tim Hortons! No, I take that back. It’s always time well spent going to Timmy’s. But you get the gist. And it’s not like you can accomplish much while driving.

5—Staring a my computer, wishing my story would write itself. And it’s sad how often this happens, sigh.

6—Pixelmator. While most of the time I’m using this program for work—to make book covers and other graphics—there’s lots of time I just play. 🙂 The same with Everweb. I get on there and just start having fun. Decide now’s a good time to redo my website, or make a cover for a book that’s not releasing for months, lol. But I love it, so… it’s all good.

Those are my major time drains. Go check out the other ladies and see what’s on their list.

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9 Replies to “I need to go back in time…”

  1. Okay, so you have kids and have legitimate reasons why you’re not writing since you’re driving. I can’t say oh I spend all my time driving the cats around to their friend’s houses. Yeah, doesn’t work. But I understand the whole trapped in the interwebz deal. One minute I’m looking up something for a book I’m working on and next I’m staring at some random Youtube video.

  2. Oh I didn’t even think about the chauffeuring around of children – because I try to block out all those hours. 😉

    Great list.

    And thanks for mentioning the serial… Almost time for chapter 2. 🙂

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