one of these things isn’t like the others…

Random time again, and this week it’s a different kind of post. The powers at be have picked the topic—three truths and a lie. Now, at first I thought finally, an easy post. But, as usual…it’s never that easy. Mostly because I’ve probably revealed anything remotely interesting about me. So, the whole, lie part…I’m sure it’ll be obvious, sigh. But, here goes…

OH…and I’ll giveaway an ebook copy of any book of the commenter’s choosing to anyone who can identify the lie, which as I’ve said, will most likely be obvious. And I’ll post the answer on Friday! (yeah, had to come back and edit that in because I forget to announce it. Face palm.)

1 — I moved to Vancouver Island in 1996 from Halifax, Nova Scotia. And as I write this I’m freaking blown away it’s been nearly 20 years out here. How did I ever survive winters back east?

2 — I’m highly allergic to wasp stings and have to carry an epi-pen. I’ve been hospitalized once and I can tell you nearly dying isn’t fun. Nor is epinephrine.

3 — When I was five, I knew the details about a plane crash before it happened. Never have figured that one out.

4 — I have both a rifle and handgun licence, despite my aversion to firearms.


And that’s it. Don’t forget, if you guess which one is the lie and state the number in the comments, I’ll send you your choice of any book from my backlist. Now hop on over to the other ladies and see if you can guess theirs.

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    1. And I’m pretty certain you do. I told you it’d be obvious and that I suck at this. And we will talk about the plane crash thing…unless of course that’s the lie. Then there isn’t much to talk about, lol….

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