Welcome to 2016! I know, it was 2016 on Monday, but this is the first random Wednesday post of the year… and I’m here. First week back to school, and trying desperately to get my head straight and start making those goals a reality. Oh time, you are an elusive creature.

Anyway, this week it’s Remembering 2015—Best Memories.

Honestly, I’m lucky to remember last weekend, let alone most of 2015. And… now you’re all thinking I have a drinking problem, lol. Just a ‘short attention span and memory’ issue as of late. But I digress. Okay… so favourite memories of 2015…and maybe the odd pic to go with?

Getting my convertible. She’s used, but damn… what a fun summer riding around with the top down, tunes playing. And one of the best of these memories… watching my two boys drive off in her, a kayak wedged in somehow, shades on, music playing… and it was midnight! (that’s a long ass story folks…one far too long for here, but OMG… it was the best. And a happy ending to what could have ended much worse for a friend’s daughter)


Rediscovering hiking and realizing I need to do more of it. And at some point get back into mountaineering and rock climbing.


Sydney’s amazing performance at the Syd William’s theatre for Canada Day. Partnered with her sister of another mother…Brynn


Summertime runs. Perfect temperatures along the trails.


Normally I’d say the annual June retreat with the ladies, but I had to miss it this year as my oldest son graduated… but damn, that will be one of the best memories FOREVER. Way to go, Kyle… so damn proud of you.



But I did get a picture of the ladies on retreat by proxy… and I love it. They were probably at the Shop Co, don’t ya know… (said with their awesome Yupper accent. Not at all Canadian, eh)


Mountain biking and actually conquering a double black diamond (with only one scar to show for it! 😀 )



Kyle getting hired by BC Hockey… youngest ref they have at 18.

Releasing FORCE OF NATURE. I know, but this book… this one is pretty damn dear to my heart.

Force of Nature final

Another holiday season with the kids. They’re getting older and I know, sooner than I want, they’ll have their own families—their own trees and traditions. So… Christmas tree hunting with all three… we laugh, we freeze, we all want to kill Kyle by the time it’s over, but… magical.

I’m sure there are lots more I’ll think about later. The endless trips to Tim Hortons for a cup of steeped tea that has to get me through the day. The other aerial art shows, the hockey games… just hanging and watching movies. I’m starting to realize that most memories are memorable if you do it right. And that’s what I’m trying to aim for… the right stuff.

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9 Replies to “SAME OLE LANG SYNE”

  1. These are awesome memories! 😀 Syd is amazing. And so are the boys. <3

    I will always love Force of Nature. My phone *still* corrects "corn" to "Coen" – LOL!

    Also, you used the word "mountaineering". That's terrifying. But SO you. 😀

    1. I love that corn is forever Coen. I just love Coen to death. And have to include some proud momma moments. They are gone so fast. And I’d love to be back on the ice sheets. Truly. It’s really not that terrifying, lol.

  2. Syd is utterly amazing! Jude and I were sitting and watching the video, chatting about how awesome (read awful) we’d be at it. LOL! And major congrats on the book! Go you

  3. You terrify me with all your outdoor adventures. Knowing my clumsy ass, I’d fall off a cliff or take a spill on my bike and end up with a(nother) concussion or a broken leg or some such craziness. LOL

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