wordless Wednesday ~ spring

It’s a picture post, but of course I’ll break that rule. But no flash fictions, lol. This month the topic is SPRING. Usually, spring starts at the beginning of March, but this year, with all the snow and colder temperatures, we’re a good month behind. But, at least it looks like things are getting back on track.

Cherry Blossoms…nothing quite says spring like these.


White ones, because who doesn’t love variety.






Spring means rain and lots and lots of mud. I miscalculated today. Soaked through. Glad these weren’t my new shoes! Those are for tomorrow.


Spring means training. A shorter one in preparation for the long-ass weekend runs.


This view never gets old. And doesn’t change all that much 🙂 Gotta love BC.


Okay, that’s all I have time for. Go check out the other ladies…

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4 Replies to “wordless Wednesday ~ spring”

  1. Great pics! Thank you!

    MUD! My feet look that way just walking to the car. *sigh* Guess the rain is needed to get the lovely blossoms.

    That view – wonderful!

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