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It’s June. Wow! Unlike most of the States, we’re still in school here, and I’m desperately trying to help kids finish up those last projects and get ready for summer, especially since I’ll be away for a couple of weeks. (I can’t freaking wait!) But in the meantime, it’s time for another flash fiction.

This photo’s an interesting one. And I’ve decided to continue with the flash I started in December… with a certain witch who’s trying to summon a very powerful being. You can read that bit here… and because I’m always short on time, I’m just picking it up right where I left off, so apologies. Hopefully it will still make sense if you just want to jump in here.

38479482 - dark witch calling thunder powers . fantasy and surreal studio shot
38479482 – dark witch calling thunder powers . fantasy and surreal studio shot

Grace inhaled, using the deep breath to calm the nervous roil of her stomach and stem the obvious tremors shaking her hands. Now wasn’t the time to let uncertainty invade her thoughts.  More than just her and Patrick’s lives were on the line. If she didn’t stop her sisters who’d strayed into the dark from completing the shadow spell and breaking through the walls of Hell…

She swallowed against the burn of bile at the back of her throat, when her brother nudged her.

He arched an brow. “You okay?”

She forced a smile. “Considering the circumstances, I’m doing great.”

“I’ll say it again. We don’t have to do this. We can find another way.”

“There isn’t any other way. We’ve tried everything. Banishing spells. Mirror spells. Nothing is strong enough to stop an entire covenant of dark sorcerers.” She toed the floor. “Besides, it’s not performing the summoning that has me worried.”

Patrick chuckled. “Right. Because summoning Satan is pretty much a daily thing for us.”

“You’re such a jerk.” She sighed. “What if he won’t help us?”

“He’s Lucifer. Isn’t he bound to make deals or something?”

“But we’re talking about Hell. About freeing demons. Won’t that kind of work into his ultimate plan?”

“And you’re privy to Lucifer’s plans, now?”

“Again. Jerk.” Grace wet her lips. “All the scriptures say he wants to rule over Earth. Wouldn’t releasing Hell onto it be a pretty great way to achieve that?”

Patrick released a weary breath, giving her a firm hug. “Let’s just see if this even works. I mean, it’s not like we’re freeing him or anything. He’ll still be bound, right?”

“This is just a visit. Promise.”

“Then I say light this baby up, and let’s have a talk with the Lord of Darkness.”

Grace gave her brother a curt nod. He was right, as usual. They had nothing to lose by trying. She simply wouldn’t make a deal unless Lucifer agreed to their terms. And if he didn’t, then… she’d send his ass back. At least, she hoped she could. The return incantations always seemed so much more involved—as if the magic only wanted to work in one direction.

Of course, she could screw the entire thing up and kill them both outright, so…

Grace pushed the thoughts aside, accepting the candle her brother gave her. She focused her energy, waving her hands over the top as she recited the words, smiling when the wick fluttered then lit, dancing breath her palm. Heat warmed her skin, as shadows danced across the floor. She glanced at her brother, noting the furrowed brow and wide eyes. He caught her stare and nodded, any trace of uncertainty fading from his gaze.

She drew another quick breath, then dripped the wax across the sigil, outlining a small pentagram, before lowering enough to hold the tiny flame against the surface of the blood. The red liquid hissed, turning into a deep crimson as it seemed to boil, then ignite. Fire raced along the lines, setting the entire glyph alight and casting a reflection of the marking on the ceiling. The room shook, knocking her to one knee as dust and ash billowed into the air.

The scent of brimstone saturated the air as sweat beaded her skin. She managed to look up as the rumbling eased. Clouds of smoke swirled within the circle, the grey mass finally thinning enough to make a dark silhouette within the markings. The man knelt in the center of the sigil, torso bare, curls of smoke rising off his flesh. He rolled his shoulders, extending a set of blood-red wings to either side. The tips snapped in seeming annoyance as he slowly stumbled to his feet, his muscles flexing from the strain.

He shook his head, raking a hand through his shaggy locks before muttering something under his breath as he started to turn. “Oh, bloody hell, Gabriel. I distinctly told you and Michael not to fucking summon me every time you or your mates screw up. I swear if your mage did anything to me on the trip up here, I’ll…”

His voice trailed off as his gaze landed on hers. Steel-grey eyes watched her, his chestnut coloured hair falling back across his face. An amused smile curled his lips as he crossed his arms over his chest, looking far too comfortable. “I’m going to go out on a limb and say you’re not one of my brothers. Or their mates, for that matter.”

She opened her mouth, but nothing made it past the dry rasp of her throat.

The guy chuckled. “Let me guess…you lost your voice in some horrible accident and you want me to give it back to you.”

“What?” Grace shook her head, doing her best to regain her composure. “No. I…” She inched closer, stopping at the edge of the markings. “Are you really him?”

“That depends on who it is you think I am.”

She glanced at her brother over her shoulder, then back at the man. “Lucifer.”

His smile widened. “Looks like you did something right, though based on your expression…” He whistled. “You weren’t sure you’d actually get it to work.” He glanced at the sigil. “Though I have to say, that was one of the nicest summonings I’ve ever had. Smooth. Not too much fire along the way. Are you a mage?”

“Not, exactly.” She tilted her head, unable to look away. Christ, the man was gorgeous. “So you really are Lucifer?”

“Didn’t we just straighten that out?” He sighed. “Yes, I’m Lucifer. Prince of Darkness. Fallen angel. Whatever name suits your fancy. In the flesh. And you are?” He groaned when she didn’t answer him. “Come on, sweetheart. I don’t deal without names, so…you might as well tell me yours, seeing as you went to all this trouble to drag my ass up here.”

Patrick stepped forward, putting a comforting hand on the small of her back. “Her name’s Grace. And I’m Patrick.”

Something flashed in Lucifer’s eyes before he seemed to push it away. “Lovers? That’s a first for me. Usually, it’s just one partner begging me to make the other fall in love with them. Not really my forte, by the way. Love.”

“What?” Patrick scoffed. “She’s my sister, not that it matters. We need—”

“We bought you here to make a deal.” Grace straightened. She wouldn’t let her brother take the fall. This was her doing, her sacrifice.

Lucifer nodded. “I’m listening.”

She wet her lips again, praying her voice didn’t sound as shaky as it felt. “There’s a group of witches—dark sorcerers, really. I need to stop them, but…”

“So, you’re a witch. And not just any one. You’re powerful. I can sense your strength from here. Almost as if you had a bit of—” He stopped cold, all the cockiness draining from his face. “What did you say your name was again?”

She swallowed. “Grace. My name’s Grace Porter.”

He swept his gaze the length of her, then walked toward her, getting as close as he could to the edge of the sigil. “Grace. How…poetic.”

She frowned, not sure whether he was happy or angry. “I said, we’re here to make you a deal. You grant me the power to stop this covenant and I’ll—”

“How about you tell me a bit more about this covenant and what they plan to do before you go giving up your soul?”

Grace frowned. “You don’t want my soul?”

“That all depends.”

“On what?”

“On you.” He waved at her. “So start talking, Grace Porter, and don’t stop until I tell you to.”


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  1. Oh hell yeah. *snicker* See what I did there?? I love this!! I can’t wait to read more. There is more right??? If not, you gotta write it. Sorreeee!!

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