TOP 10 ~ June

So excited. Later this week I’m off to visit fellow blogger and soul sister Jessica Jarman, then it’s cabin retreat time! I can’t wait. I so need some ladies only time.

Anyway, this month the top 10 countdown is ways I procrastinate. Me? Procrastinate? I think it’s way beyond simple procrastinating, but… we’ll play along. So, in no particular order, because it’s more what I’m in the mood for than anything else, lol.


~ Netflix binge watching. Yes, I think I watched 10 seasons of Supernatural in less than two months. Probably more like 6 weeks. So…. putting Netflix on at all, is a great way to lose an hour, or two, or twenty-four!

~ Reading. Okay, sometimes it might honestly be for research or during some earned down time. But I often start reading as a way of avoiding a book where I’m stuck. It’s with the hope that it will give me inspiration, but often I just love reading.

~ Social media. I don’t think any explanation is needed. We all know FaceBook, Instagram or Pinterest are black holes that suck in entire day’s worth of time.

~ Exercise. Okay, not the actual exercise as I will never admit it’s not worth every minute. But, often, after a super long run, I’m so exhausted I end up doing absolutely nothing. Or, I binge on Netflix. See, I’m a multitasker.

~ Sleep. Naps. Whatever you want to call it. Sometimes I just need to zone out.

~ Computer wonderland. It might be online browsing or looking up information. Shopping. Whatever, but it’s not really social media related, or movie watching, so, it deserves to be its own category.

~ Photoshop. True, often this is the other half of my job. But I will use making graphics as a way to get out of writing. Again, especially if I’m stuck. Though it’s definitely not a waste of time, it does act as a barrier to getting words on the page.

~ Cleaning. This is a rarity but… on the odd occasion, it has happened.

~ Music. I still love just lying on the bed listening to tunes. Though it might lead to having a nap, lol, it’s another way to get out of doing anything productive.

~ Hanging with friends. While much needed, sometimes it’s a way of avoiding other priorities. Not a waste, but a definite time draw.

That’s it for me. Now check out the other ladies and see how they procrastinate.

Bronwyn  |  Jessica  |  Deelylah


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  1. Nice list. I found a new way to procrastinate just this week only I call it “spending time with my daughter.” She introduced me to We love to watch movies together and these days it isn’t so easy to get together for that. With we can binge watch a favorite series and procrastinate together. Now that is quality time with family (and friends) – right? 😀

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